We Care

We come from all over the world. We speak different languages. We come from diverse cultures.

Some of us are educated and some are not. Some have much, others amongst us do not. Many of us are religious but there are many amongst us who are not.

We have thoughts, beliefs, opinions and habits that are as numerous as the stars in the sky and yet there is one thing we hold in common: we love Christmas.

For more than a decade, from the days when the Internet had an online population measured only in the thousands, we have been celebrating Christmas together. And now together we work to celebrate Christmas in it’s purest form: by giving.

The united webmasters of the Merry Network present this venue for one simple purpose: to help bring a Merry Christmas to a family in need. Like the famous gift bringer of old, we seek only to supply a little joy, to give anonymously, to spread the cheer of Christmas a little further.

We are not a licensed charity and cash gifts donated are not tax deductible. We coordinate our efforts simply and in small ways. Some folks make and sell things and donate the proceeds here. Some collect small donations on their own websites and donate here. Some just give a little cash. Together we raise enough to help someone who otherwise wouldn’t have a Merry Christmas.

In years past we have helped a special needs child raise money to purchase customized transportation. Another year we helped a family who had to suddenly deal with illness and hospitalization at Christmas time. And yet another year we anonymously helped a single mom with three kids.

Our efforts each year typically tally less than $1000 — a culmination of sometimes hundreds of simple, small donations.

We meet online, find a need, and fill it together — anonymously. We don’t spend the money on anything else and our efforts are transparent. We don’t have overhead so every penny goes to our chosen family at Christmas.

If you cannot donate to our simple cause we hope you do find a need to fill this Christmas.