It has been a gratifying season for Santa’s Sleigh. We have aided a family in crisis this season in October and November by providing assistance with utilities, food and yard clean-up in a situation where the father of the family has been recovering from open heart surgery. Santa’s Sleigh was aided with donated goods and services to not only help with Christmas food and other necessities but also with some financial relief covering several months while the man recovers.

In November we added a family with employment and health issues facing no Christmas with several children in their home. A local Church put together an Angel tree and is in the process of gathering gifts for delivery before Christmas for the children. Santa’s Sleigh has worked with the Church to deliver a small amount of additional funds to aid in the purchase of fuel for the family’s wood burning stove, to repair the family automobile and to provide shots for a donated puppy for the kids for Christmas.

Santa’s sleigh is now in the process of finalizing our 2013 efforts through small donations to known parties in difficulty this holiday season. We wish to wrap this up over the course of the next five days to get this money out to those parties to enjoy for Christmas for their families. Any donation of any size helps the cause and will be expended 100% on behalf of our intended recipients.

To date, Santa’s Sleigh 2013 has raised a little more than $1200 and we’re hoping in our final drive to improve on that total.